Monday, February 29, 2016

10+1 top beaches in Greece !

-It’s a difficult choice when it comes to selecting the best beaches in the beautiful country of Greece.
If you’re planning a holiday in Greece. We give you some ideas, although it is a difficult choice!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Travel in the Beautiful Island of Samos


Where natural beauty meets modern architecture and rich past meets the living present, just there is Samos! This island is waiting for you to explore! It has many beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. Swim! Play on the beach!

Athens, from Culture to Entertainment ...


Athens is the capital and the largest city of Greece ... is the starting point of Greece! It is one of the oldest cities in the world, with its recorded history with up to 3,200 BC. Upon your arrival in this full beauty capital of Greece, the first thing you should do is to visit and to book a room at one of the thousands of hotels, covering the needs of each one separately, at different prices, as well and you want the region.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thassos .. an Another Unique Destination!


Thassos is on the top of destinations, every year. Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the North Sea you create a sense of freedom and escape, because you are on an exotic island natural beauty with crystal waters. The island is now known as the "Emerald Island" because of its rich vegetation and its lush forests, which have made the place a beautiful tourist destination. 
Book now at one of the hotels in the area and enjoy it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kos, your Destination!!


Kos is a island that will exciting you from the first moment. Dense vegetation, abundant water, mild shores and extensive beaches, forming a perfect holiday environment. This however makes Kos, apart any moment, is the natural beauty that have. The options for your stay in Kos are limitless! Large or small, luxurious or more affordable budget hotels, apartments and studios, villas and houses, are at your disposal and can meet all the requirements and desires and to accommodate you.

Holidays in Santorini !!


Holidays in Santorini? Naturally!
Enjoy your holidays in this exotic island that combines everything! 
Certainly on vacation you need rest. But Santorini has many beauties to discover that motivates you to browse. The island offers to visitors many different accommodation options that really meet every taste, the need for any type of vacation, depending on how long it will remain on the island.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explore the Unique Beauty of Rhodes!


Rhodes, the island of contrasts and its beauty lies precisely in these contradictions! In the cosmopolitan resorts and deserted beaches, picturesque villages that tourism does not seem to have touched and castles of Rhodes and Lindos. In tanned Aegean landscapes and the green oases of coolness, waiting for you to discover. This is Rhodes !!

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Beauty of Corfu Island!


Corfu is the northernmost and second largest island of the Ionian group in the Aegean Sea. 
The city of Corfu, offers great attractions such as the Mouse, Cannon and Mon Repos, and remarkable buildings: the English Commissioner,

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

'Kefalonia'-The Paradise of Ionian Island !


Kefalonia is one of the most beautiful Ionian island that receives every year thousand of people who want to spend their holidays on relaxing but at the same time discovering the beauties of nature offers generously. The island is full of hotels to cover the size of the population that visit it. 
You can visit the sights of the island with their rare beauty and specificity, as well as to learn the unique stories and treasures that hide in.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Agiofarango"- A Paradise for your Eyes Only!


Agiofarago is a unique paradise for your eyes only! If someone loves hiking, nature and the natural beauty that God has generously given to this place, it's worth to visit this canyon that leads to such a beautiful beach with clear blue waters it has. Agiofarago is the southernmost climbing in Crete and is along one kilometers south of Matala.

'Spili', a Transportation Hub !!


Spili is mountainous village which belongs to the municipality of Lambi and is located 30 km south-southeast. the city of Rethymnon. It is ideally situated in the center, on the road from Rethymno to ag.galini, with beautiful beaches around, making the perfect spot for a stop on your trip !! This charming village is a place of attraction for tourists visiting of the beautiful island of Crete every year, as well as for their own residents.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Agia Galini !!

Agia Galini 

Agia Galini, an another dreamy village in the south of Crete is situated 61km southeast of Rethymno and 68 km southwest of Heraklion, is an attraction for many tourists every year, and a famous holiday resort with amazin beach, is one of the first places developed tourist in south Crete.
The port of Agia Galini is located exactly in front of the village, which hosts fishing boats, and the boats which come up in the region.
The first feeling one has on entering Agia Galini is that, this is a very friendly village. That makes Agia Galini unique, is the amphitheatrical layout of the houses, which offers great views over the harbor and Messara bay, while equally beautiful is the view from the harbor to the village at night, as the countless lights of the houses restaurants and village cafes reflect the sea making it even more stunning beauty.

Vai, the Exotic Palm !!


The palm Vai is one of the most popular sights in Crete and attracts thousands of visitors every summer. It's still one of the most beautiful and special locations throughout the Mediterranean and is located 94 km northeast of Agios Nikolaos and 24km east of Sitia. Vai "discovered" by hippies who were persecuted in the early 70s from Matala and found in the area, looking for new shelter. 

Lakes of Crete ...

    Zaros lake

West of Heraklion, in a small valley, lies the village of Zaros with its famous lake which is created by waters that run from the springs of Votomos. In 1987 around the source created small artificial lake which turned into one of the major forest recreation areas on the island and now a visitor attraction from around the world who come to see up close the lake and walk in a wooded area. 
The lake is located on the south side of Psiloritis, just 1km north of Zaros.
Around the lake there is a recreational area with tables and benches, an information board and signs everywhere. 

Two more heavenly Places in Chania of Crete!


The beach of Balos and Gramvousa island, where are two more of the beautiful beaches in the area, located in the northwestern part of Crete, in Chania. Any one who has as summer destination, the beautiful island of Crete would be remiss if don't visit these exotic beaches !! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

A tour on the Tableland of Lasithi..

    The tableland of Lasithi

The Lassithi Plateau at an altitude of 850 m. Is the largest in Crete and the only continuous human settlement throughout the year. The livestock and agriculture were the main occupations of the inhabitants since ancient times. The plateau is known for its picturesque windmills anymore. The 50s and 60s the plateau was one of the first wind farms in Europe.

Stop at Frangokastello..


Frangokastello lies at a distance of 75 km. From Chania and 140 km. From Heraklion. Frangokastello is a small coastal village. It is known for its namesake Venetian castle which is preserved in very good condition, the beautiful beaches and the Drosoulites, the ghosts that appear in Frangokastello dawn every May.They defended Frangokastello castle from the Turks. Two hundred lads fought against 8,000 Turks. They withstood more than a week, but in the end lost 335 of them, and with their leader. The losses of the Turks was 800 soldiers.

The Gorge of Samaria

    The gorge of Samaria

Samaria or the Samaria Gorge is one of the main attractions in Crete. Every tourist who visits Crete, either already heard or will soon hear about this beautiful canyon, the "valley", as they call Samaria locals from admiration for its beauty, but also to stand in relation to other smaller gorges in Crete.
The Samaria Gorge is located in the southern part of Chania in western Crete and most of the fall in Sfakia municipality.

The Majestic Elafonisi!!


Elafonisi ... a paradise, that located in Chania of Crete !! Who wouldn't want to be located, on this amazing place with so much natural beauty that offers its visitors! The so beautiful lagoo with turquoise and shallow  waters combined with white sand, in reference to another world, or else in the Caribbean of Crete.
One could say that nature made the miracle of here!

Thursday, February 4, 2016



-Elounda is located in east Crete, north of Agios Nikolaos and south of the seaside resort of Plaka. The harbor, is surrounded by shops and tavernes with their terraces, shelters both fishing boats and caiques, which run out to Spinalonga, the former leper colony.

Chrissi Island

    Chrissi Island

Golden island, known as Gaidouronisi, there is in the Libyan Sea, and is located approximately 15 km. South of Ierapetra. 
Golden, known as Gaidouronisi is islet in the Libyan Sea, and is located approximately 15 km. South of Ierapetra, the exotic uninhabited little island of Chrissi, with a rare cedar forest in the sand dunes, tempting golden beaches and the well-preserved old church of Agios Nikolaos lies only 14 km away from the coast by Ierapetra. The island is almost flat with colourful volcanic rocks covered in sand and aquatic fossils. It is 5 km long and has an average width of 1 km and is nowadays an excursion destination.

''Matala'' a Living Legent


Matala ... a legend comes alive again by modern hippie of Matala and of people from every corner of the world. Every year thousands of people from any part of the world visit this magical place to live this unique experience.
Matala is a small and quiet town on the south coast of Crete.
The small, beautiful bay of Matala, with caves hewn into the cliffs one of the best beaches on Crete.
On the sandy beach is written by a fisherman: "Today is life, tomorrow never comes!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ancient Crete


-The Minoan palace is the main site of Knossos, an important city in antiquity, with continuous life from the Neolithic period to the 5th century.
It is built on the hill of Kefalas, with easy access to the sea and the island of Crete.

''Crete'' the ideal place for your holidays


Crete, the best destination for your holidays.
As is known, Crete divided into four prefectures: 
  • the prefecture of Heraklion 
  • the prefecture of Lasithi
  • the prefecture of Rethymno
  • the prefecture of Chania