Friday, February 5, 2016

Stop at Frangokastello..


Frangokastello lies at a distance of 75 km. From Chania and 140 km. From Heraklion. Frangokastello is a small coastal village. It is known for its namesake Venetian castle which is preserved in very good condition, the beautiful beaches and the Drosoulites, the ghosts that appear in Frangokastello dawn every May.They defended Frangokastello castle from the Turks. Two hundred lads fought against 8,000 Turks. They withstood more than a week, but in the end lost 335 of them, and with their leader. The losses of the Turks was 800 soldiers.
 As the legend says, the bodies of the warriors Ntaliani remained unburied until strong wind blew and brought sand from the dunes of the beach "Good Sand" and fill them.Tis last days of May and first of June, humanoid shadows appear to Progress is one behind the other for 10 minutes about the sunrise, only with apnea and increased air humidity. Progressing slowly towards the castle and lost at sea.
However, over the centuries the region Many monuments, few of which survive today. Many were destroyed in the wars and revolutions that took place in the region and the stones from the ruins were used to build the castle. In Frangokastello there are several rooms and apartments for your vacation. You will also find restaurants with delicious food and fresh fish. Do not forget to try the traditional recipes of the region, such as roasted and Sfakianes pies.
In the area there are also beautiful beaches. Just in front of the castle is a beautiful sandy beach with shallow water suitable for small children. West of the castle begins another pebble beach and rocky bottom, appropriate for exploration. On this side of the village there are more apartments and rooms. East of the castle, about 300 meters, begins one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, the beach 'Good Ammos'. 
East of Frangokastello, heading to Rethymno, after an amazing trek through small villages, you will reach Plakias. one of the most famous tourist resorts in southe of Crete.
Further north you will meet the gorge Kotsifos. Finally, it is failure, even though it is a bit far, do not visit the archaeological sites of Phaistos (near Tympaki in Heraklion) and Knossos (5 km. Southwest of Heraklion).

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