Wednesday, February 3, 2016

''Crete'' the ideal place for your holidays


Crete, the best destination for your holidays.
As is known, Crete divided into four prefectures: 
  • the prefecture of Heraklion 
  • the prefecture of Lasithi
  • the prefecture of Rethymno
  • the prefecture of Chania
Archaeological findings prove the presence of man on Crete for at least 8,000 years. The first inhabitants lived in caves and used stone tools. This Neolithic period lasted from 5000 until 2600 BC about. The first Cretans were very primitive people who probably arrived here from Asia Minor or North Africa and grew very slowly over the next 3000 years, beginning to cultivate with primitive means the land and learning to keep animals.General Crete has an area of 8,331 square kilometers and after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus and Corsica, is in the top five of the Mediterranean. On the other hand, the awful variety and constant contrasts of the island, will surely satisfy even the most demanding tastes so the traveler feel regarding the quality of the holiday.
Τhe only certainty is that the island of Crete will distract you!The combination of mountain and sea in tends to want to live this unique experience, knowing the secrets and treasures of this island.
Romanticism and the ferocity of nature to become addicted to want to explore it, so knowing the beaches, gorges and caves.

The Cretans keep many traditions and customs, with top traditional wedding ceremony, which even now preserved in many villages.
Those involved in the preparation of marriage offered delicious homemade folds with honey and the famous Cretan cake with wonderful decorations, made only in those cases. The ceremony begins with a procession from the groom's house, accompanied by serenades and rifles and ends at the bride's house. There's a serenade sung by a sweet female voice convinces the bride's family to open the door until it is closed.
The traditional instruments and traditional Cretan outfit an expression of manliness Cretan character and dynamism, and keep many effects of the turbulent history of the island.
The entertainment and fun entail in this destination.
Τhere is no other choice but to succumb to temptation and visit this magical island !!
What do you think? Do you dare?

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