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-Elounda is located in east Crete, north of Agios Nikolaos and south of the seaside resort of Plaka. The harbor, is surrounded by shops and tavernes with their terraces, shelters both fishing boats and caiques, which run out to Spinalonga, the former leper colony.
 From Elounda a road leads over the dam and bridge to the peninsula Spinalonga, where once was the ancient city of Olous, now a sunken city. By calm sea, or better by snorkelling, can anybody to see the remains of the city under water.
On the peninsula a mosaic floor and foundations of an early Christian basilica can be seen.
At the beach north of Elounda various water sports are available. From here the road leads further along the coast to Plaka.
Elounda is ideal for those who want to spend their vacation near the sea in a place that is neither noisy nor isolated. 
Elounda is not for those seeking nightlife, or for those who prefer secluded beaches on the south coast. As full of small beaches where one can be visited.


-Spinalonga is a small island, which located north of Elounda Bay. The ancient name was Kalydon, but after the occupation by the Venetians called "spina lunga" meaning "long thorn". Each year receives a large number of people who want to visit and learn the shocking history of this island. The transfer from elounda towards spinalonga about boats operating daily flights. For going to Elounda , first you need to go to Agios Nikolaos, and from there transfer to spinalonga about boats operating daily flights. The route from Agios Nikolaos to Elounda is the most beautiful in Crete because the view to the coast and the Gulf of Mirabello. While making this journey possible and from Heraklion as well as from Rethymnon, a difference in the time it takes.

After the conquest of Crete in 1649 by Turkish, Spinalonga still remained in the hands of the Venetians other 65 years until 1715. The whole period of 65 years there found shelter "Hainides" revolutionaries Cretans not withstanding the killings, murders, hangings that from day one implemented by the new conquerors island Turkeys, ascended the mountain and immediately began continuous revolutions to in 1898 he left the last Turkish from Crete. 
At 1905 was used as Leper which led all the lepers of Crete, which were first isolated in "Meskinia" outside of Heraklion and considered infection outbreak, and to other people.
The inhabitants of Elounda had for themselves, since the opposite village Plaka nurture them were evacuated and were safe and the people in other villages throughout particular, the coastal area had fortified with aft, tunnels, mines because they feared invasion of the English in this place. The stones and rocks in empty houses was hidden and not reveal hell yesterday, lamentations and cries of pain in the body of hundreds sick. Spinalonga hosted hundreds of sufferers around us, developed with the suffering and deprivation of their own vibrant society. Those who could worked at various jobs, there was cafe, church attendance became the church of Agios Panteleimonas, learned the news from the fishermen at the port of the island, fell in love, got married, did healthy children who were transported and grew up in better conditions in nursery section of the leprosarium Agia Varvara in Athens. Until 1936, the sick on the island was abandoned. Many died 'alive' with terrible pain, deformed and crumbling.

In 1957 closed iathenton leper using antibiotics.
The island's history is still awe inspiring. Both from construction and architectural point of view, and from an aesthetic of the entire landscape, the island still retains its unsurpassed beauty.

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