Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explore the Unique Beauty of Rhodes!


Rhodes, the island of contrasts and its beauty lies precisely in these contradictions! In the cosmopolitan resorts and deserted beaches, picturesque villages that tourism does not seem to have touched and castles of Rhodes and Lindos. In tanned Aegean landscapes and the green oases of coolness, waiting for you to discover. This is Rhodes !!
What will first impresses the visitor is definitely the impressive castle and the old town of Rhodes. The first thing that will make reaching the beautiful Rhodes is to visit one of the many hotels, which cover your needs.
Relax a little and immediately poured in the city of infinite beauty, with its picturesque alleys, the unique attractions of surviving for years until today. Exotic beaches with turquoise clear waters, the castles, the casino, the butterflyes and of course the beach of Anthony Quinn.

The heart of Rhodes beats in the unique Faliraki, which offers a wide variety of entertainment options to suit all tastes. The impressive nightlife is famous throughout the island since it covers all the musical requirements and preferences of visitors. Faliraki has two different faces. In the morning the famous beach with its striped umbrellas and crystal clear waters and in the evening everyone gathered in the city's streets reveling until dawn. Still, to walk to the Old and New city of the island. In the old town, for endless walks in the streets, overlooking the colorful "bazaar" of Socrates, visit the Grand Master's Palace and museums, kingfishers level restaurant with history and rides til you drop in Miltiadou. The new city will stroll in Mandraki with cafes and the imposing buildings of the Italian occupation, in the New Market and windows should not miss a visit to the Museum of Modern Art in Hundred Hourmadies. Must be a visit to Monte Smith, where is the citadel of Rhodes and a walk in the green park Rodini.

Family beaches, beaches for wild fun, relaxing beaches, nudist beaches and of course many beaches ideal for water sports. Supremacy are natural beaches near the city of Rhodes or Faliraki, but throughout Rhodes there are so many great beaches that many times you go to the island every time a new beach will be to explore and enjoy. So swimming in the crystal clear waters of the magical beaches with wonderful sand. Enjoy the unique sun and the deep blue stretching before your eyes!
 And of course do not forget your sunscreen !!

The beaches you can visit are the following:
  • Beaches in Rhodes Town
  • At the southernmost tip of Rhodes is Prasonisi
  • The beaches of Lindos, which is full of sunbeds
  • A dreamlike area directly in back of Lindos, Agios Paulos has clear water, rocks, and two small beaches.
  • Away from Rhodes in the beautiful area of Kallithea
  • The famous beaches in Faliraki
  • The beach of Ialysos
  • The beach of Kremasti

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