Monday, February 8, 2016

Lakes of Crete ...

    Zaros lake

West of Heraklion, in a small valley, lies the village of Zaros with its famous lake which is created by waters that run from the springs of Votomos. In 1987 around the source created small artificial lake which turned into one of the major forest recreation areas on the island and now a visitor attraction from around the world who come to see up close the lake and walk in a wooded area. 
The lake is located on the south side of Psiloritis, just 1km north of Zaros.
Around the lake there is a recreational area with tables and benches, an information board and signs everywhere. 
You must not miss having a coffee or even a meal on the pier which the municipality has built on the shore of the lake under the deep shade of the plane trees. The local specialty is salmon and trout grilled. If you like walking, from here you can relatively easily get to the forest of Rouvas through a well marked path by first passing the church of Saint Nicholas.
You will love this area because of the lush landscape and the trees reflecting in your calm waters of the lake and provide a unique beauty and tranquility.
If you love nature and want to spend a carefree holiday in the green, come and enjoy your walk to the lake with your family.

    Kournas Lake

Kournas lake,is another attraction place  for many visitors !!
Kournas Lake located in a beautiful location in a depression between hills, about 4km away from Georgioupolis in Chania (western Crete). It is the only freshwater lake in Crete. Lake Kournas in ancient times was known by the name Korisia but later took its name from the Arabic word for lake.
Lakes water emenate by the neighboring mountains and hills, to the rocks of the area interrupt the underground flow and not allow them to work their way to the sea. Walk around the lake, which colors vary depending on the time of the visit. You can swim or bike to the lake. Τhere are small beaches just below the main road and in front of the taverns.
There you will find sun loungers and umbrellas in the summer months, you can rent and 'sea' bikes if you want to enjoy a ride in the lake especially in the afternoon is wonderful and very romantic choice.

You can enjoy your food in the many restaurants and cafes in Kournas, offering you the opportunity to dine next to the water with a beautiful view. Souvenir shop in the pottery workshops selling their creations along with other souvenirs. For your stay in the area you can visit the neighboring villages, where there are hotels, located about an hour.

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