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''Matala'' a Living Legent


Matala ... a legend comes alive again by modern hippie of Matala and of people from every corner of the world. Every year thousands of people from any part of the world visit this magical place to live this unique experience.
Matala is a small and quiet town on the south coast of Crete.
The small, beautiful bay of Matala, with caves hewn into the cliffs one of the best beaches on Crete.
On the sandy beach is written by a fisherman: "Today is life, tomorrow never comes!"
Matala was once the place of the flower-power and the hippy-scene. Matala is a busy tourist place with a lot of hotels, apartments, rooms taverns and shops.
Matala was the port of Phaistos during the Minoan period. Then the residents of "occupied" Matala around 220 BC. Ruins of ancient city are still visible on the seabed since the city sank many years ago. Archeological excavations have brought ti light some elements of the palaces that were built for the noble. During the 60s the caves housed a hippie community. Today the graves/caves of Matala are protected by Archeological Service.


'Hippies' came from four places of the earth to Matala, where they found ready-made homes in the caves. The feeling of freedom, the beautiful beach, the welcoming bay and the azure waters formed the ideal hippie scene. In the town of Matala they found the place where they could express themselves, enjoy free love and create.
Local reaction was organised by the Bishop of Gortys, who drove the hippies out. However, many remained in Crete and sought refuge in remote areas such as Kapetaniana, the palm forest of Vai and Preveli.
They went until the 1980s, when the state decided to protect the fragile ecosystems of Vai and Preveli, declaring them protected areas.
Today a few people, continue lives the hippie lifestyle in Crete.

South of Matala there is a huge rock formation known as 'Theosyni', which offers a panoramic view of the Messara Bay. At sea level the rocks are deeply cleft, forming natural caves. These provide shelter for wild pigeons and for the Mediterranean seal. Near the 'Kouroupi' rock there is the spectacular “Red Beach". To get there, take the sandy trail from Kouroupi that leads south. The picturesque taverns on the beach are ideal for romantic and carefree evenings. Try the local wine and Raki together with a traditional meal or fresh fish from the Libyan sea. The area of Matala is an ideal location and starting point for excursions to the archaeological sites in the area: the ancient villa of Pitsidia, the archaeological sites of Laggou, Phaestos, Agia Triada and Gortyna; the Monastery Odigitria, the gorges of Ayiofarango and Martsalo. About 1,5 km further lies the long sandy beach of Komos. It is one of the longest on Crete and the water is crystal clear. The golden, sandy beach, where the careta-careta tortoise lay their eggs is unspoilt and charming. The view from the beach is also magnificent. At a distance one can distinguish the bleak isles of "Paximadia", the range of sphakianes Madares, and the legendary Mount Psiloritis. The ruins of the old Minoan harbour, Komos, lie a few metres away from the beach.

    Matala Festival

It is worth to say that every year, the month of June a three-day festival organized that invited people from every corner of the world to come and have fun in a unique way that only they know.
Thousands of hippies give appointment every year in this unique place !!

A few kilometers away, is a winery 'Domaine Zacharioudaki' 'and is located amid an area rich in history and natural beauty. Both the vineyard and the winery are open to visitors to the public all year round. During the tour of the special vineyard of the estate, the visitor experiences a unique and unforgettable experience. The tour continues in the production areas of the winery and then the visitor has the possibility, in the tasting and dining room and taste wines of the estate and taste traditional Cretan dishes, while enjoying and then once again the magnificent view that lies ahead of.

   Domaine Zacharioudaki

Next to the winery is built a traditional stone presses, where the visitor has the opportunity to participate in a programmed, traditional pressing grape during the vintage.

Visitors should live this experience !!

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