Tuesday, February 9, 2016

'Spili', a Transportation Hub !!


Spili is mountainous village which belongs to the municipality of Lambi and is located 30 km south-southeast. the city of Rethymnon. It is ideally situated in the center, on the road from Rethymno to ag.galini, with beautiful beaches around, making the perfect spot for a stop on your trip !! This charming village is a place of attraction for tourists visiting of the beautiful island of Crete every year, as well as for their own residents.
Arriving at Spili, the first thing you do is to visit one of the hotels in the village, or different in one of the hotels and rented rooms which are around neighboring villages according to your preferences. Then to spend a few hours in the beautiful traditional village streets, to quench thirst by drinking water directly from the sources to the cool water supplied from the pifes of psiloriti. Do not forget also to buy local products and souvenirs from traditional stores. 
All around there are many beautiful beaches where you can visit: 
  • Ligres is a secluded beach, 45 minutes away from Rethymno and 7 km from the village Kerame. It is a beautiful sandy beach with nudist area right in the end. Very close there are restaurants where you can taste fresh fish and local meals.
  • For Triopetra beach in Rethymnon, will drive up Akoumia and follow the road that crosses the chorio.Treis rocks at one end have christened this beautiful beach. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy your food and your drink, with magnificent view of the sea.
  • Located 58 km south of Rethymno is the stunning sandy beach of  Agios Paulos. Swimming is in one of the isolated inlets that form the rocks and dunes is a unique experience. In the area, there renting rooms and taverns. Your visit to Agios Pavlos will fill you with happy feelings and will help you to escape from everyday life! You rtin opportunity to discover the amazing seabed, with many different species of fish it contains.
Spili is a transportation hub, as it passes from here the main road artery that connects North Crete and particularly Rethymnon, in the south coast via Agia Galini, of Timbaki and then various branches and historical sites. The village's name likely originated from the word cave, which means cave, because of its location, and because there are many caves in the area.
It is said that there is a special cave in the region, where there was a wonderful home of Mary. Unfortunately not one has seen in our days, and the existence of is based on tradition.
In the village there are several mansions and old churches which are decorated with frescoes. Important of those are sites of particular interest are the churches of Saint George, of the Transfiguration and St. Theodore.

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