Friday, February 12, 2016

The Beauty of Corfu Island!


Corfu is the northernmost and second largest island of the Ionian group in the Aegean Sea. 
The city of Corfu, offers great attractions such as the Mouse, Cannon and Mon Repos, and remarkable buildings: the English Commissioner,
the old palace of the Archangel Michael and St. George, the Capodistria mansion, the Metropolitan Palace, the current Town Hall, building of the Ionian Academy. Renowned for its known traditions and customs as well as for its unique architecture.
It is famed for its musical tradition, from "songs" to the famous "Philharmonic."
There are many exotic beaches with unique turquoise and crystal waters and the beauty that nature has given and you have only to relax and enjoy the sun and the deep blue stretching before your eyes. Apart from being a large island, the physical configuration of the coast, has offer some of the best beaches of Ionian. 
You still have the unique opportunity to admire the sights of the area. Visit museums, with unique art works, historical forts, monuments and the famous 'Pontikonisi', will be unforgettable to you!!

But in order to realize all above, visit hotels of the area and book it !
A necessary condition is to not forget your sunscreen!!!!!!!
What do you think about it ?

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