Friday, February 19, 2016

Travel in the Beautiful Island of Samos


Where natural beauty meets modern architecture and rich past meets the living present, just there is Samos! This island is waiting for you to explore! It has many beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. Swim! Play on the beach!
Enjoy the beautiful sun, and relax with the music playing of beach bars, drink your coffee and enjoy the blue sea which unfolds in your eyes!
In the afternoon, taste Greek dishes in one of the restaurants of the island, overlooking the beautiful sea!

Admire the beautiful sights of Samos, like ancient Miletus where is the birthplace of one of the seven wise men of ancient Greece, Thales, Miletus was a city of Ionia, in the area that today is the province of Aydin, near the mouth of the Meander River. Photographed the unique waterfalls of Samos, Vathi, in Samiopoula. Also the Natural History Museum, the Folk Museum and the Archaeological Museum of the island and admire works of art that have survived until today. Admire also the architecture of this place, walk the narrow streets and lined with shops and the snack bar streets!

Don't miss out, to go to the Museum of Vakakis winery. The visitors can see how lived the Samian rural family from the beginning of the 20th century until the mid-60s, can be how they lived, ate, slept, how to prepare their food, the bread and wine. Here visitors can taste the wines, on clay cups, making a stroll through our vineyards, enjoying the beautiful Samian nature, as in the same place and station traditional Samian products. In the evening, relax and enjoy your drink by the sea.
A magical island with natural beauty is waiting for you!!

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