Monday, February 8, 2016

Two more heavenly Places in Chania of Crete!


The beach of Balos and Gramvousa island, where are two more of the beautiful beaches in the area, located in the northwestern part of Crete, in Chania. Any one who has as summer destination, the beautiful island of Crete would be remiss if don't visit these exotic beaches !! 
It has shallow sandy beach, the sea is warm with bright aquamarine and turquoise waters and stunning color in sand in many places like Elafonissi, has a magnificent pink hue she was given countless broken shells. In the area there are hotels and retting rooms, that can meet the requirements of guests for a pleasant and enjoyable stay. 


During the summer months, daily from the port of Kissamos Kavonisi out cruises to Gramvousa and Balos. Shortly before the ferry dock on the island, you will see on your right a shipwreck which is there for years to'chei eat the salty and you really creates a sense chilly. It would be remiss if they did not visit the castle in the areas in where if choose to climb, despite the difficult ascent at about 100 meters high, in 20 minutes you will be on top. Be sure not to run out of our time spent in Gramvousa on the castle. After the climb, wandering the castle and descend under the hot sun, a dip in the sea is necessary.

These beaches offer you:

  • Sun
  • Beautifulness
  • Calmness
  • Relaxation
  • Sense of freedom

And of course sunscreen is necessary to have in your bag !!
You have the opportunity to see with your own eyes this incredible stylishly nature !!
What do you think ?
You dare ?

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