Tuesday, March 29, 2016

''Amazonas'' park - A Private Sanctuary!

Amazonas park 

Do you ever have the opportunity to get know and play with so cute and beautiful animals?
Now you can do it!! -Explore - play - admire - enjoy it !!
The ''Amazonas park'' is located in Neapoli, about 50 kilometers east from Heraklion. A walk in the beautiful city of Neapoli, can be combined, as well it's worth to visit the amazing park of Amazonas.
The park is a heaven for young and old parrots from around the world. There are also beautiful animals and birds, where their owners were unable to maintain and so has undertaken this amazing group. The founders of the park are three persons, which deserve our congratulations for this deed. It is worth to say that parrots have up to 80 years of life. There are a lot of  species of animals.
In the park there are more than 50 nests, which the owners built themselves. Even more, they planted trees and beautiful flowers! The visitors of the park have a tour in the area and explained everything in details, starting with the different parrot species that live and from which come as well as their history. There, lives more than 90 animals and every day they are grow up! 
The narrative of the history of these incredible animals are in seven languages:
  • Greek
  • English 
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portoguese
  • Luxembourgish 
It's worth to visit this amazing park to admire and learn from near these so cute pets. You are going to feed yourself and take pictures, as they are very calm and do not mind anyone, as it is close to you someone expert.

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