Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The 'Ancient Mystras'

Ancient Mystras

Did you ever have the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Kalamata, and of course the ancient Mystras? Now you can do it! Organize your excursion to this beautiful place. 
Mystras occupies a steep foothill on the northern slopes of Taygetos mountain,about 6 km. NW of Sparta.
 The castle on the top of the hill was founded in 1249 by the Frankish leader William II de Villeharduin.  In 1448 the last emperor of Byzantium, Constantine XI Palaeologos, was crowned at Mystras. For a short period Mystras came under the control of the Venetians (1687-1715) but was again taken over by the Turks. It was one of the first castles of Greece to be liberated in 1821. The foundation of modern Sparta by king Otto in 1834 marked the end of the old town's life.

-Start your majestic excursion and travel through the beautiful Taygetos Mountains, where situated on the lower slopes near Sparta, you will find the ruined Byzantine city of Mystras. The ruined buildings and beautiful churches of the walled city spread out, on the slopes with panoramic views of the valley bellow, will exciting you! The only inhabitants of the area, are  the few nuns who still live and worship in the famous Pantanassa Monastery. 

  • Firstly your journey will take you from sea level to a climb of 1,400 meters through the mountains, where you will stop at the highest point, for a comfort break and to take in the views. 
  • Then you will travel through the spectacular Lagnada Pass, that is one of the most beautiful route, throughout all of Greece.
  • Finally you will arrive at the beautiful city of Mystras, once the capital of the Byzantine Empire, which clings to the side of a mountain overlooking the valley bellow. It's really like as an open air museum, steeped in history. It's built approx 800 years ago.

    There you will have free time to explore the site of Mystras, where you will find at the top the fortress, 650 meters high, the walls, the Gates, the mansions and houses, the churches of which there was originally more than 25 and where you can still see many of the original frescos, the palace and the convent, which is still used to these day and the monastery.
    After this beautiful route you will enjoy your launch in a restaurant of the area!!

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