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The traditions of Easter in Crete

Easter in Crete

The Greek Easter is rich in traditions and customs, the people live the memory of Easter's events and continue them  from generation to generation. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the biggest celebration of Christianity.
 The Easter Celebration begins with a forty days fasting before the Holy Week. This is not a way of symbolism, but an act of humiliation and confession for the passions that the Jesus Christ passed.
-The Holy Week is the last week of  fasting and the housewives paint red eggs and make sweet bread as home scents fills !!!!!!  
-Also the Holy Week the Godparents buy to their Godchildren candle, chocolate egg, clothes, shoes or toys. 
-The decoration of the Epitaph with flowers and wreaths begins the Holy Thursday evening with housewives trying to decorate the "Best Epitaph". After the procession taking the flowers in homes to bring blessing to every household.
-The Holy Saturday is the night of the Resurrection of Christ where Christians go to church and after twelve o'clock the priest says 'Christ is risen' and take the holy light with their candles and put it in their houses to get the Easter blessing.
-The eve of the Easter day children form a large pile of wood and on top put a scarecrow supposedly Judah and while the priest says 'Christ is risen', set fire and burn Judas. The village bell ringing and the sky is decorated by colorful fireworks. In many areas especially in the countryside heard and patched (shots in the air).
-On Sunday, friends and families are gathered in the countryside, 'impale' the lamb, eat and feast all together!!
That's the Easter in Crete!!
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