Thursday, April 7, 2016

'Visit the birthplace of the Olympic Games'

Ancient Olympia 

The Ancient Olympia is one of the most important places in the history of Greece. It is the birthplace of the Olympic Games, which were originally held every four years, to honor the God Zeus.
It's attracts thousands of people every year and it's one of the most famous destinations in the world.
This trip takes you north to the site of Ancient Olympia, the home of the first Olympic Games nearly 3,000 years ago.

Your journey to Olympia takes you through some beautiful countryside to the west coast of the Peloponnese, where you will head north along a picturesque coastal road passing places of interest along the route and through areas steeped in history. 
Enjoy the beautiful location and soak up the atmosphere of peace and tranquility, as you wander among the ruined temples and buildings. Take lots of photos!! Learn about the unique history of this place from the guide, as he will explains to you all of the magnificent history and details behind the things that you discover. After guide, take a visit to the museum, which displays some wonderful artefacts dedicated to the ancient gods over the centuries that the games were held and this includes the famous statues of Hermes and Apollo. 

On this exciting trip you get to experience, the Birth place of the Olympic Games 3000 years ago, the temple of Zeus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the site where the eternal flame is lit and travels from, for the modern Olympic Games. 
On arrival at the site you are introduced to your site guide who shows you around the ancient site and  visit the museum. While you are there you visit the ancient stadium where to this day you can still run the 200 meters, temperatures allowing. 

After the guided you have some free time in which you can enjoy your launch in a restaurant. Differently you can visit the modern town to enjoy your coffee have a walk. And of course there are souvenir shops for your shopping. 

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