Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Athens Sightseeing

Acropolis of Athens

The history of Acropolis of Athens is long, with moments, when art flourished and democracy philosophy, leading to it's creation. Then there were the times when it's best standing pieces, were removed and shipped away from the city dividing in two the monument.
Today, the international community wants to reunite all of the Acropolis sculptures in Athens and restore both the physicality and the meaning.
The Acropolis and the Parthenon, in particular is the most characteristic monument of the Ancient Greek civilization. It continues to stand as a symbol in many ways. It is the symbol of Democracy and the Greek civilization and stands as the icon of the culture of European.

 Temple of Acropolis

This tour gives you the opportunity to observe the striking contracts that make Athens such a fascinating city. 
Our expert guides, take you to see the Panathenaic Stadium where the first Olympic Games of modern times were held in 1896. Then we continue and pass by:
  • the Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • the Hadrian's Arch
  • the Parliament
  • the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier
  • the Academy
  • the University
  • the National Library
  • the Constitution Square

University of Athens

In Acropolis, we are visiting the Architectural Masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens:
  • the Propylaea 
  • the Temple of Athena Nike
  • the Erechtheion
  • the Parthenon 

The National Library

In continue, we are visiting the place where at last, the statues found their home and admire the wonders of the classical area. The new museum of Acropolis.
Admire the Artwork  and of course get informed, about the so interesting history of this place.

Arch of Hadrian

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